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Four Winds Group of Companies
Four Winds Group of Companies was formed in 2009 to address the ongoing needs of First Nations in Canada one community at a time. The philosophy of the company and its associates is to raise the standard of living by providing access to financing, capacity building, economic development and long term strategic planning. The four companies are Financing, Environmental Protection of Lands, Natural Resources Development and Management Services. Each group has a distinct role in assisting First Nations initiate high priority community projects and seeing them to completion.

Over the course of the past 14 years, Tom, the company president, has been working with Biigtigong Anishnaabeg (Ojibways of the Pic River) on various projects to advance housing and community infrastructure projects. Once the feasibility study was underway for the new school, it was determined that Four Winds could assist Pic River in arranging financing and providing project management services in association with other project team members.

Four Winds is focused on education, training and long term employment opportunities. One highly successful project was the completion of the Pic River 10-year housing plan within an 8-year period. This project created over 50 jobs locally and the regional economic impact was approximately $24 million. It is anticipated that the school project will have a local impact of over $70 million with the project valued at $23 million.

Tom is an Ojibway from Temagami First Nation with over 30 years’ experience working on First Nations all across Canada. As a civil engineering technologist with an economic background and 10 years of mortgaging experience, Tom is continually working to assist communities in realizing their vision for a better future.

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