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BD Cardinal + Associates
BD Cardinal + Associates Inc. is based in Ottawa and was established in 2008. Bret Cardinal, the principal of the firm, has 30 years of design and construction experience, ranging from exhibit design and residential housing to large scale developments including universities, cultural centers, museums, casinos, commercial developments and comprehensive master plans.

By working on large high-profile projects, Bret developed the technical ability of managing and designing projects within the clients’ mandate and budget. However, over time, Bret discovered the satisfaction of working on smaller, more intimate projects. Our mandate is to design projects that are sustainable in nature and culturally engaging in form. We firmly believe that innovation, imagination and the technical requirements needed to deliver a successful project do not have to come at a heavy cost. We believe it’s about understanding and maintaining a client’s vision in order to create a new and culturally appropriate design. This flexibility allows the design to evolve within the vision creating a sense of individuality without inflating costs and, if anything, helps to lower expenditures through the initial fact-based procedures. Many clients, including aboriginal and small municipalities, are not afforded the opportunity to see their local culture integrated directly to the architecture of their community. We strive to bring the vision of these often overlooked groups to reality.

Our design methodology is rooted in a deep respect for the environment. We ensure to limit the carbon footprint of our buildings by introducing proven technologies in the field of solar, geothermal, heat recovery systems, net zero exterior envelope systems, and by maximizing local labour and choosing material that is environmentally sound. From project inception to completion, our goal is to create buildings which can stand alone, be self sufficient, off the grid and be capable of generating its own energy to reduce the O & M costs for our clients and to ensure long-term sustainability.

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2124 Delmar Drive
Ottawa, ON
K1H 5R2
Phone: (613)421-2688
Email: bretcardinal@gmail.com

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