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Designer’s Vision

Son of famed architect Douglas Cardinal, Bret Cardinal brings a unique skill set to the project. Beyond continuing tradition, Bret incorporates the cultural elements with ease, adding further value to the project. Bret’s vision for Biigtigong Endzhi-gkinoohmaading follows.

Biigtigong Endzhi-gkinoohmaading will bring the natural elements inwards. The building will be an architectural expression that is dedicated to complimenting the land-based curriculum developed by the First Nation. The designer will adopt a design philosophy that, while respecting the cultural values of yesterday, also expresses the contemporary spirit of today’s Biigtigong Nishnaabeg, and creates a unified composition of old and new cultures.

In keeping with natural elements, the facility will be built to high standards of sustainable building performance. As part of the sustainability, the design will embody contemporary principles of LEED platinum design and implement the project in an environmentally responsible manner to keep with First Nation values. All will be accomplished while maximizing local economic needs by keeping in mind the First Nation local trades, skills and materials; and provide opportunities for supplying its own labour forces in the construction of the building, thereby creating a sustainable self-sufficient economy.

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Community members and partners have come together to create a vision. See a preview of that collective vision coming to life.

Environmental Design & Sustainability

Inspired by the David Suzuki School, this project will be LEED certified and feature the following sustainable systems:

  • Geothermal heating with radiant in-floor heating
  • Solar panels on the roof to supply energy for the entire building
  • Super insulated building envelope comprised of structural insulated panels (SIP)
  • Automated heating, cooling and lighting systems
  • Grey water and rain water recovery systems
  • Selection of building materials to reduce off-gassing
  • Reduce the effects of Green House gasses (GHG) and address global warming by leading by example
  • Built with local materials and First Nation labour

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